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Class Guidon, West Point Class of 1967



This website is meant to not only be a source of medical information, but also offer assistance and advice on how to manage the many and varied non-medical problems which always manifest themselves with each disease process. The “experts” available through this forum are not only our Class physicians, but also our Classmates and/or their caregivers who have first-hand knowledge of how to manage the medical system and the numerous nuisances of each disease or condition. They will offer advice by responding to questions you ask. Initially, information and advice will be offered in the following categories moderated by the Classmates noted. These categories and moderators may change over time: 

  • ​ALS/Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease     Dr. Mario Loyola

  • Cardiac Disease                                      Dr. Dave Baggett

  • Stroke                                                      Dr. Mario Loyola / Dave Baggett, P. A.

  • Orthopedic Disorders                            Dr. Tom Parr / Dr. Carl Savory

  • Skin Cancer                                             Dr. George Winton​


This website is secure so that all information will be hidden from the public although it can be viewed and shared within the forum itself. Each person who wants to register for and use the website must create an account. You can register for an account for the website including gain access to member only information in the Forum and Members pages by clicking the Log In/Sign Up link at the top right on this page. 


In order to provide the proper level of protection for all participants you will need to certify that you have read and agree to the website Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Release and Hold Harmless Agreement. As part of the Sign Up process you will be required to check a box on the Sign Up form that you have read and agree to this document. Please read the document before signing up by clicking the link below.

HIPAA Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

Once you sign up your account will be reviewed by the Administrator. Once approved you will be notified by email. You can then access the website.


NOTE: When you come back to the website again and click the Log In/ Sign Up link you will be taken to the Sign Up form. Under the title "Sign Up" will be a line that says "Already a member? Log In". Click "Log In" to go to the Log In form. Enter your email address and password, click the "I'm Not A Robot", then click the Log In button.

If you have ANY questions, please contact the website Administrator, Tom Murphy, through the Contact page.​ Be well and...​BEAT NAVY!



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