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Inquiring Minds

  • I've signed up. Now what?
    Once your account has been reviewed and approved by the Administrator you will receive an email confirming your approval. You may then proceed to the website and log in.
  • How can I get access to the Forum and Members pages?
    You first have to sign up for an account (link top right on each page). In order to gain access to the Forum Page and Members Page you and a witness must then complete a HIPAA Release and Hold Harmless Agreement. A link to the Agreement is on the About page of this website. Once the Agreement has been completed by both parties, the website Administrator will approve your account for access.
  • I've signed up but when I try to log in it asks me to sign up again!
    When you click the sign up/log in link at the top right of each page you will be taken to the Sign Up form page. Just above the words "Sign Up" there is text that says, "Already a member? Click to Log in." Click on "Log In" to go to the log in form page. Log in with the user name (email address) and password for your account. You're in! Please contact Administrator if you have questions.
  • How do I get notified of any activity in a particular Forum category?
    Once logged in, go to the Forum page. At the right end of each category title there is a link that says "Follow". Click that link. It will change to "Following". You will be notified of any activity in that category. It is suggested that you click "Follow" in the General Discussion category as well. Activity here is for topics other than the specified categories. You can "un-follow" a category you have followed by clicking "Following" in that category. The work will change to "Follow" and you will no longer receive notification of activity.
  • How do I modify my profile page?
    As a Member you can access your own profiles from the Login Bar dropdown (top right of any page after logging in), or by clicking My Profile from your listing on the Members page. On the My Profile page you can share something about yourself if you would like. You can also a an image (click the avatar upper left of profile page to add your image). From there, you can further edit your profile by clicking the "Edit Profile" button to the right of the Profile title. This will take you to the My Account page. From there you can edit your display name (first name and last name) and account information. You can see other information about your account by clicking on the tabs in the menu bar: Forum Posts: Each member sees a list of their own forum posts. This is a public page. Other members can see their posts. Notifications: Displays forum and blog notifications. This is a private page. Members see only their own notifications. Settings: Members set which notifications they receive. This is a private page.
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